TELIC Conference 2015

29th / 30th May 2015

Purpose: we aim to share, to discuss and to grow together.

Themes:  to be confirmed

Background: The MSc E-learning, Multimedia and Consultancy (ELMAC) was established in 1999 as a collaboration with Hogeschool van Arnhem in Nijmegen (HAN) university in the Netherlands. This collaboration ceased in 2008 when the course was revalidated as MSc Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovation and Change (TELIC). There have been approximately 85 graduates and there are currently 23 students taking the course. An annual student-led conference has been running since 2005 and have been held in Sheffield, Nijmegen, Hasselt, Rotterdam and Newcastle. In 2014 the 10th conference was held at a time when the course has been closed down by Sheffield Hallam University. It was therefore a time for reflection on what the course and its community has created, and to celebrate what it has achieved.

Working and learning together