Special Interest Groups

Special interest groups (SIGs) have formed around critical questions that have arisen in the TELIC community:

SIG 1: Future of the Telic Community
SIG 2: Research Perspectives
SIG 3: Learning Environments / Networks
SIG 4: Digital Identities
SIG 5: E-Journal
SIG 6: Possibilities for WordPress for our community
SIG 7: Emerging Technologies

SIG 1: Future of the Telic Community

Participants in this group want a conference to be held every year. The feeling now is that the community is active a few weeks before the conference and perhaps one or two weeks after the conference.

It was suggested that perhaps we should make our own course as a business venture.

In this SIG there were a lot of questions:

  • How do we get new people in?
  • How do we connect with our own workplace?
  • What are ways to promote the community?
  • What keeps this community going?

Everyone in the group was aware that we need face to face at least once a year.

There some good examples in this community that it is worth to invite new people in. People from our won network that are interested in TELIC.

This community has a shared domain but we also need a shared purpose to work on.

One thing to work on is an environment that works on all devices (which PBWorks does not).

Some suggestions:

  • Develop the community in Google Plus. Different people may be invited. Organise a Google Hangout (max nine people)  or a video conference a few times per year about an interesting topic.
  • Make a joined paper for the journal
  • Choose a topic for the next conference and work on it during the year before
  • Develop the WordPress website a an open community

SIG 4: Digital Identities

We discussed the importance of understanding our own digital footprint in order to help others to do so. This was looking at the responsible use of social media and the value of developing a professional online presence.

Values included: building a personal learning network and connections, opportunities for collaboration, networking, showcasing presentations, publications and projects.

Exemplars of shared work in this area include:

SIG 5: E-Journal

The eJournal was proposed during the last conference, 2013. Delays have been an unfortunate consequence of people being very busy in their working lives.  The timing (within the academic year) is one possible factor contributing to people’s difficulty in committing to authorship. There may also be a lack of confidence in the community about the publishing process. Publishing one’s own work is a step into the unknown and it is rather difficult to make the commitment until some idea of what the expectations of authors might be.

There is the feeling that this edition should be published, even if the number of articles is fewer than hoped. Once the first edition is published, others might then have the confidence to make submissions. Maybe those currently working towards their dissertation (or recently submitted) can be encouraged to use their 2000 word summaries (or adaptations thereof) as articles for the journal … with guidance and scaffolding to assist those of us less familiar.

Should the contributors be restricted to those within the TELIC community, or should it be opened to a wider potential source?

To maintain the TELIC community it needs a purpose. Could the purpose be to produce the journal? And could the journal support the community? People buddy up to produce articles? The journal would serve as a powerful instrument to advocate for the community.

Should there be two types of content – formal research papers & conference style papers? Or research papers and articles of a less demanding nature?

We need to be aware of how time consuming this is for those working behind the scenes.

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