Ideas worth sharing

Mina Patel: Video conferencing for global learning
Mina is a videoconferencing consultant for Videoconferencing for Learning ( She was previously a secondary school teacher for Science and ICT and has worked in the private sector for a number of years in teacher training and software marketing. Currently she supports schools in the NE of London and chairs the (UK) Videoconferencing Partnerships Group. Recent events  VC and global workforce of the future involving include SHU and Lord Puttnam. She uses the Aver Class HD hardware  and works with Janet content providers to follow DfE broadband guidelines for secure interoperable VC through IP connections.

Marc Wells: Innovation via a Thin LMS: A middleware alternative to the traditional learning management system.
Marc’s case study describes how a middleware software solution, originally developed to enable course materials to be delivered to tablet devices, eventually replaced an incumbent ‘monolithic’ LMS at a Business School in the UK. This middleware solution is termed a ‘Thin LMS’ and consists primarily of software that integrates data and materials from other information systems hosted by the institution.
The advantages and disadvantages of this approach are discussed and it is proposed that the Thin LMS approach offers a viable alternative to the monolithic LMS in certain institutional contexts.   Full paper is here.

Paul McGreavy: SOLE CPD: minimally invasive teacher education
Based in the Middle East, (Oman), Paul’s work involves teacher CPD with bilingual private schools, in which funding for in-service training for teachers is often limited. He is applying Sugata Mitra‘s ideas of self-organised learning, combined that with Jean Lave & Etienne Wenger’s work on communities of practice, (and now extending that into the ideas of expeditionary learning developed from the work of Kurt Hahn), in order to achieve a meaningful way of providing teachers with CPD. An audio Prezi outlining his work is available here.

Kirsten Thompson: Developing the university’s use of TEL
An overview of the work that Kirsten is currently involved in at Leeds Met. University:

  • developing WordPress as a CPD platform for staff | Using WordPress to improve departmental communications
  • re-designing elective modules – Discovery Themes project
  • professional use of social media and digital identities
  • implementing lecture capture institution-wide

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